Other Areas of Action

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Actions to protect the mount and the woodland 1 Analysis and testings of blood variables Actions to protect the mount and the woodland 2
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Analytical verification of catches Analysis of the state of water points Growth control of animals captured
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Analysis and measurement of the drop of the horns (desmogue) Specific control over stocking Analytical and control of antlers
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  Control over the evolution of animals  



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Control and analytical information on dead animals Design and installation of feeders Actions to protect the mount and the woodland 2
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Design and construction of specific feeders Design of selective feeders Design and media planning for the administration of the feed
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Design of feeders Install feeders Design of specific formulas adapted to specific cases
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  Planning of feeders  



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Dose and product planning Verification of growth in catches Planning on selective hunting
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Verification prior health up to the loose Protection of the vegetation VVisits to each property
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  Verification of channels in catches  

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